About Us

About Us

Komplete Design-Build Inc. is a Calgary -based construction company integrating construction, architectural and interior/spatial design professionals in a single entity. Komplete Design-Build Inc. provides construction consultation, design-build services of pre-engineered steel structures and all formats of pre-fabricated modular construction.

komplete design build kostas fotopoulos

Kostas Fotopoulos


Kostas is the founder and President of Bossi Construction Ltd. His experience spans more than 25 years in Calgary and southern Alberta from painter, carpenter, flooring to site supervisor and project management culminating in the formation of Bossi in 2001.

komplete design build jeff poulin

Jeff Poulin

Partner/Vice President

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor in Business Commerce from the University of Calgary and is a partner at Bossi Construction Ltd. He fills the roles of Vice President, Estimator, and Project Manager.

komplete design build neville piggott

Neville Piggott

Estimator/Project Manager

Neville is likely the most experienced estimator and former project manager in Canada with 67 years of construction experience. He was one of the first recognized design-build and pre-engineered specialists in the industry. Neville held and managed the Robertson Building Systems franchise for Saskatchewan for 25 years. He was PM of 500+ people on a $120,000,000.00 construction project and corporate manager of Victory Construction Ltd.

komplete design build peter samer

Peter Samer

Senior Estimator/Project Manager

Peter has been the senior estimator and project manager on ground-up construction projects ranging from $750,000.00 – $35,000,000.00 and his extensive experience, knowledge and efficiency quickly added value to the company.

komplete design build tony delas

Tony Delas

Business Development Manager/Project Co-ordinator

Toni has over 19 years experience in electrical project design, management on turnkey projects and senior project management experience.

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